What it actually sounds like

Other than an early video, there’s nothing on this blog to let you know what the Pithesiser sounds like… until now!

Here are a few choice cuts of the sort of sounds it can make even in its rather basic form. These are direct raw dumps of the synth output warts-and-all, not recordings taken from the analogue output on the sound card I’ve been using. Any interpretation of what these sound like are purely the outpourings of my overactive imagination – you have been warned!

First, here’s a chunky bass sound: 

Now a light and winsome harpsichord: 

Some soulful cello: 

Tinkly glockenspiel: 

Mournful organ: 

Getting radiophonic: 

Drifting away into the ambience: 

The latter two are the result of combining the basic arpeggiator on my LPK25 keyboard controller and the low-frequency oscillator of the Pithesiser when set to a square wave and applied to the pitch of the playing sound. Subtle timing differences between the two can lead to interesting effects…

(c) 2013 Nicholas Tuckett