Pithesiser Goes Public!

Well… in a small way!

I volunteered to do a five minute “Lightning Talk” at my place of work, which took place over lunchtime today. Myself and three other presenters had just five minutes each to present some cool tech they’d uncovered; so I decided to do a swift run through and demo of the Pithesiser! Not strictly work related, but that wasn’t necessarily the remit.

It was a bit nerve-wracking but fun (other than my voice fading). I came in at about 4 minutes 15 seconds for the whole talk (including a swift demo) and the synth sounded a bit better than I was hoping. Demo is overegging it a bit; I had time to bash out a few chords and tweak a few settings to demonstrate variation from cheap gentle electric piano sound-alike to full on monster LFO early ’70s Radiophonic Workshop.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the proceedings, and it was a novel and great way to spend one’s lunch hour.

(c) 2013 Nicholas Tuckett.